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Chocolate crêpes

Chocolate crêpes Ingredients: 500 gr milk 4 eggs 100 gr sugar 100 gr flour 140 gr cacao powder Preparation: Place the mixing paddle on the blades. Add all the ingredients

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Coffee mousse

Coffee mousse Ingredients: 250 gr milk 100 gr sugar 20 gr instant coffee 3 gelatine sheets 500 gr whipping cream Preparation: Place the gelatine sheets in a container and cover

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Two-tone custard dessert

Two-tone custard dessert Ingredients: 750 gr milk 100 gr sugar 25 gr corn flour 4 egg yolks zest of one lemon cinnamon 40 gr cacao powder Preparation: Attach the mixing

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Spinach and prawn terrine

Spinach and prawn terrine Ingredients: 50 gr olive oil 2 clv garlic 200 gr spinach ((cooked)) 150 gr prawns ((cooked)) salt 150 gr liquid cream 350 gr milk 4 eggs

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Bacalao cod fritters

Bacalao cod fritters Ingredients: 300 gr Desalted Bacalao Cod ((regular cod can be used)) 100 gr flour 30 gr olive oil 10 gr baking powder 2 clv garlic 2 tbsp

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Strawberry marmalade

Strawberry marmalade Ingredients: 400 gr sugar 1 squeezed lemon 50 gr water 500 gr strawberries Preparation: Add the sugar, the water and the lemon juice to the jug and set

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Basic tomato sauce

Basic tomato sauce Ingredients: 70 gr Olive oil 150 gr Onion 50 gr Green pepper 800 gr Tomatoes 1 pch Salt 2 tsp Dried oregano 2 tbsp Fresh basil Preparation:

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Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette Ingredients: 100 gr Olive oil 2 clv Garlic 150 gr Onion 400 gr Potatoe 4 u Egg 1 pch Salt 1 pch Oil Preparation: Heat the oil 2

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Spaghetti carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara Ingredients: Pasta 1.5 l water 50 gr oil salt 500 gr spaghetti Sauce 50 gr olive oil 120 gr onions 200 gr bacon 500 gr liquid cream Preparation:

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