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Distilled Habanero

Distilled Habanero ส่วนผสม 800 grams ripe red habanero chiles 1 liter Water วิธีทำ Blend habanero and water on high speed. Carefully funnel mixture into 3L evaporating flask and clamp to

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Bloody Mary Ketchup

Bloody Mary Ketchup Ingredient: 2 (46 oz) Cans Tomato Juice 1 (10 oz) Can Beef Bouillon 1 tsp Black Pepper, coarsely ground 1 tsp Celery Salt 1 tsp Monosodium Glutamate

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Apple Butter

Flash Pickles Ingredients: 1 liter Apple Cider Directions: Clean and sanitize all glassware. Air dry thoroughly. Carefully funnel 1 liter of apple cider into 3L evaporator flask and clamp to

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