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CV50 (Power) When the machine is powered on, the LED display will show OFF. Press the Power button, the LED display will show the set sealing time (or marinate time),

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CV300 A. Power Button (Power) When the machine is connected to power, LED (G) will show OFF, press ON/OFF button, LED (G) will show the preset sealing time (or marinate

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V100 LAVA V100 Vacuum Sealer – Instruction A. Top rubber sealing strip B. Top vacuum rubber seal C. On/Off switch D. Sealing strip element E. Liquid trap with pressure release

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V40 A. “START/ STOP” manual button: to activate the vacuum cycle once you have closed the lid. It is used also to make the vacuum in GN containers. B. DISPLAY

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V10 Vacuum sealer intro + V10 How To Vacuum And Seal With Bags Choose suitable vacuum bag, place item in bag. Allow at least 4.5cm space after item is put

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Spinzall 120V

Spinzall Spinzall set up and first use   Full Assemble Running the Spinzall in batch mode :   Part 1   Part 2 Running the Spinzall in continuous mode :

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Classic Series

Craftman Lite Defaulting the Unit   Set-Up The Immersion Circulator may be clamped directly to the side of a reservoir (user supplied) or to a support rod adjacent to the

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sous vide เครื่องซูวี fastcook อาหารให้ไว ทำสเต๊ก sammic kitchenworld sirman

Hydro Pro

Hydro Pro Sous Vide Toolbox   Sous Vide Introduction   Manual Cooking   My Preset   Care and Cleaning BEFORE FIRST USE Your immersion circulator is easy to set up:

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เครื่องซูวี่ สีดำ แบบจุ่ม สแตนเลส หน้าจอสัมผัส ซูวีสเต๊ก sousvidemax sgethai

Craftman Lite

Craftman Lite How to Connect Wifi / วิธีเชื่อมต่อ Wifi A + และ – ปรับตั้งค่า B ไฟแสดงสถานะการทำงาน C ปุ่มเปิด/ปิดการใช้งาน D ปุ่มตั้งค่า อุณหภูมิ E ขายึดภาชนะ F เส้นระดับน้ำต่ำสุดและสูงสุด G แท่งสเตนเลสเส้นระดับน้ำต่ำสุดและสูงสุด H ฝาครอบปั๊มน้ำวน การติดตั้ง

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Anova Gen 3 ( AN500 )

Modi Up + Active Operating Instruction SETTING UP FILL A POT Fill a pot or container with water. Place it on a heat-safe surface or trivet, away from counter edges.

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Sonicprep Set Up Assembling the Equipment The Sonifier power supply is pre-assembled and requires no special tools, however other components must be connected to the unit in order for the

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