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The Story of a Perfect Turkey Starts with CVap

The Story of a Perfect Turkey Starts with CVap Preparation: In one test, we roasted a 10 lb. turkey in a CVap Cook and Hold Oven (CAC) with the Food Temperature set at 190°F, Browning Level at 8, and we cooked it for three hours with Constant Cook ON. In another test we cooked a bird in a CAC at 180°F with a Browning level of 6 for five hours with Constant Cook ON. As you can see, this test yielded skin that was not as brown or quite as crisp as the other test. An alternative suggestion might be

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Our Reputation is at Steak!

Our Reputation is at Steak! Preparation: Set the CVap Cook and Hold at 130°F vapor, 131°F air. Cook time will depend on the type of steak and the amount of steak you are cooking. Marinate steak with your favorite marinade. I’m loving chimichurri sauce right now. Vacuum seal the steak. Place in preheated CVap oven and press start. Then walk away! Once the cycle finishes, pull steaks as needed for orders. Heat your grill pan on high heat for ten minutes. Pat steaks dry on both sides. Season with Himalayan salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Sear steak on

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CVap® Burger Masters

CVap® Burger Masters Preparation: Chef Paul Wahlberg (one of the stars of the A&E show Wahlburgers) takes full advantage of CVap’s staging abilities. His kitchen can crank out an eight-ounce burger in about four minutes, using CVap to stage. He told us “…the precision, and the consistency of the equipment is always perfect.” Chef John Tesar is so proud of his burgers he chose to share his method for a perfect burger with thousands of YouTube viewers. You can check him out here. Adam Fleischman in LA has taken burgers to a different dimension, literally. He uses CVap in his concept Umami Burger, which emphasizes Umami (the fifth

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Can You Do Roast Beef in a CVap® Oven?

Can You Do Roast Beef in a CVap® Oven? Preparation: Starting with their pre-seasoned roast (super-secret wet spice rub in the pictures below) he wanted the end result to be a medium cooked slab of protein (although we’re bigger fans of medium rare). The test was conducted in a CHV5-05UV Cook & Hold Oven. Vapor Temp: 140°F Air Temp: 200°F Cook Time: 6 hours Hold Time: Infinite Convection: On High Yield: On

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Set and Forget: Overnight Cooking with CVap® Ovens

Set and Forget: Overnight Cooking with CVap® Ovens Preparation: Overnight cooking. It’s a capability that speaks for itself. Load the oven, clock out, and go home. Things are dialed in and ready for the morning crew. If you’re using a conventional oven, you’ve got to make darn sure you have the oven set just right, and have your alarm clock set to wake up in time to remove the food as soon as it’s done. Mess up on either, and you could have an overcooked waste of product and time. But if you’re cooking in a CVap oven, overnight cooking

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Pretzel Party in the CVap Kitchen

Pretzel Party in the CVap Kitchen Preparation: Recipe Recap Rich’s Petite French Bread dough 9 Cups Water 1/2 Cup Baking Soda Coarse Salt (kosher, sea, etc.) Melted Butter Allow dough to slack in refrigerator overnight. Roll loaves into approximately 2′ ropes, then twist over into pretzel shapes. Place pretzels into boiling bath of water and baking soda. Allow to boil about 30 seconds, flipping half-way through. Place boiled pretzels on baking sheet lined with parchment paper (and a spritz of pan release). Brush with melted butter and place in CVap oven. Program CVap RTV Oven or CVap CHV Oven as

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Baking Cinnamon Rolls and Petite White Bread in CVap Ovens

Baking Cinnamon Rolls and Petite White Bread in CVap Ovens Preparation: Recipe Recap Rich’s 2.25-oz cinnamon rolls Rich’s 5-oz cinnamon rolls Rich’s petite 6-oz white bread dough Remove products from the freezer the night before, cover in plastic wrap, and allow to retard in the refrigerator. Slack on the counter for about an hour before placing in a CVap cabinet to proof. Proof in CVap Holding Cabinet or Oven set at 100°F Vapor, 103°F Air until sufficiently risen. Preheat CVap oven (cook & hold or retherm) to 200°F Vapor Temp, 350°F Air Temp. RTV Cook TimeCinnamon Rolls – 14 MinutesPetite

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Delicious Asian Dumplings, CVap Style

Delicious Asian Dumplings, CVap Style Preparation: Gentle Steaming in CVap Our goal was to demonstrate the gentle steaming abilities of our CVap CHV Cook and Hold Oven and RTV Retherm Ovens. Most commercial steamers cook at 212°F, or higher. Steam is incredibly efficient at thermal transfer. Blasting away at food with boiling-temp steam can easily overcook it. On the other hand, CVap ovens can generate a 100% humidity environment at 200°F vapor, 200°F air. As “gentle steam” implies, this environment is ideal for more delicate foods. Above all, the operator has more control over food quality. And what is more delicate than a

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Kopa Hibachi

Kopa Hibachi Gilled Pineapple KOPA Oven Grilled Short Ribs Grilled Flat Iron Steak Prawns in KOPA Oven Kopa Kitchen – Asparagus

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Grilled Chocolate Lava Cake

Grilled Chocolate Lava Cake Ingredients: 1 oz. Dark chocolate (50% cocoa) 6 oz. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) ½ Cup Flour (type 405) ¾ Cup Icing sugar ¼ lbs. Butter 3 Egg yolks 3 Eggs 2 Tablespoons orange liquor 1 Teaspoons vanilla extract Preparation: Combine the chocolate and butter in a bowl and melt them in the microwave or in a water bath/double boiler. Once the chocolate has completely melted, slowly add the flour and sugar. Then, in a separate bowl, mix the eggs with the egg yolks before adding them to the mixture of chocolate, butter and flour. Once added,

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