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Baking Cinnamon Rolls and Petite White Bread in CVap Ovens


Recipe Recap

Rich’s 2.25-oz cinnamon rolls

Rich’s 5-oz cinnamon rolls

Rich’s petite 6-oz white bread dough

Remove products from the freezer the night before, cover in plastic wrap, and allow to retard in the refrigerator. Slack on the counter for about an hour before placing in a CVap cabinet to proof.

Proof in CVap Holding Cabinet or Oven set at 100°F Vapor, 103°F Air until sufficiently risen.

Preheat CVap oven (cook & hold or retherm) to 200°F Vapor Temp, 350°F Air Temp.

RTV Cook Time
Cinnamon Rolls – 14 Minutes
Petite Rolls – 20 Minutes

CHV Bake Time
Cinnamon Rolls – 20 Minutes
Petite Rolls – 22 Minutes

Finish cinnamon rolls with glaze mixture.

1-1/2 cups confectioner’s sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon half & half.