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Vitello tonnato


Cooking Setting:

Preheat the oven

Mode: Mixed

Temperature: 35 ºC

Humidity: 40

Core probe temperature: 48 ºC

For the veal

Mode: Mixed

Temperature: 190 ºC

Humidity: 80%

Time: 10 min


First, clean the piece of meat of excess fiber and fat. Then place it on a GN 20 tray and add the garlic, onion, thyme and olive oil. Put it in the oven.

In this step we will use the sous-vide or multipoint probe. Preheat the oven, in mixed mode and at 35°C. Puncture the thickest part of the meat with the probe and when it reaches 48ºC it will be ready. For cooking, program the mychef oven in mixed mode at 190°C for 10 minutes

When the oven signals the end of cooking, let the meat rest on a grill. You can use the juice for the preparation of the sauce or for the preservation of the meat itself if you wish.

To make the vitello tonnato sauce, place the mayonnaise, the cream, the capers, the chopped gherkins and the tuna in a whipping glass. Crush it until you get a homogeneous sauce and not too thick.