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Sous Vide Rib Roast



Cook prime rib sous-vide

Trim any excess fat from your prime rib roast. Then sous-vide according to the instruction of your sous-vide brand.

Sous vide duration will heavily depend on the thickness of your meat cuts. A rough rule to go by is 1 hour for each 0.5 in of meat. However, don’t worry about “cooking too long”. Since sous vide bath are temperature controlled it is almost impossible to overcook your meat if you have dialed in the correct temperature.

For this recipe we recommend to sous vide your prime rib for around 5.5 hours at 125 °F degrees. This way your prime rib will come out medium-rare after finishing it of on the Otto Grill.

Heat up your Otto Grill

Before firing up your grill take out the grate, to prevent the outer layer of your meat from overcooking through direct contact with a hot grate.  For the perfect crust we always recommend to take out the grate while heating up your Otto Grill. Now heat up your Otto Grill at max temperature for 3-4 minutes, then bring heat down to medium.

Grilling your Rib Roast

After a few hours in its sous vide bath it’s time to sear your rib roast. Place your dripping pan onto the heat shield / bottom of the grill. Place your grate on the lower dripping pan rack. Lower your grate until it rests directly on top of your dripping pan. You should be on Meat-O-Meater level 5 now.

Put your sous vide rib roast on the grate and into the Otto Grill. Turn (not flip) from time to time in order to ensure even cooking and searing on all sides. Make sure that your christmas roast forms a delicious brown crust on all sides. Monitor closely to prevent your roast from charring. When you are happy with your crust, turn down your Otto Grill to low heat. Take out the prime rib roast and transfer to a plate or cutting board.