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Reverse seared Porterhouse Steak



Pre-heat the Otto Grill

Take out the grill grate and pre-heat your Otto Grill on high temperature for about three minutes. Taking out the grate will prevent your steak sticking to the grate and it will also prevent excessive pre-cooking. The Otto Grill is pre-heated when the burners have a light red glow. You are now ready to start grilling!

Reverse searing your porterhouse

Put your steak on the grate, put the grate it into the Otto Grill and lower the grate with the help of the clever lever to the lowest possible level (Meat-O-Meter level 5). Now, the porterhouse will cook on low temperature until the desired core temperature is reached (we recommend 120 °F). You may need to flip your steak once during this process. After the core temperature has been reached, you need to put the grill grate on highest level (Meat-O-Meter level 1-2) and sear your porterhouse on both sides until it developes a golden-brown crust. Now take the steak out of the Otto Grill and let it rest for another 5 minutes. 

Serving the porterhouse steak

Another important part is cutting your steak correctly. Take a sharp knife and start with cutting the meat from and along the bone. Next, cut both sides (filet and roastbeef) into half-inch slices. Your steak will get more tender if you cut against the fibres! The bone makes the porterhouse  a real eye-catcher. Just place the slices next to the bone and serve everything on a wooden board. Enjoy!