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Low-and-slow smoke-roasted ribs with vegetables


Vacuum pork ribs

Roasted vegetables

Recommended wood for smoking


smoker MySmoker

2 vacuum cooking bags

2 grills GN 1/1

2 enamelled trays GN 1/1



Roasted potatoes and tomatoes

Clean the potatoes and tomatoes. Arrange the baby potatoes on a grill oven. Roast them in mixed-mode cooking with a 20% steam at 160ºC for 35 minutes. Add the tomatoes after 30 minutes, 5 minutes to finish cooking.



Brush the ribs with olive oil for the smoke impregnate more easily.

Enter the smoker MySmoker within the chamber of the combi oven MyChef. Turn on the smoker to start to generate smoke in a few seconds. Arrange the ribs on a grill rack and place in the oven chamber. Smoke for a period of 10 to 15 minutes in convection cooking mode (0% steam) at 60ºC.

Low and slow cooking

Introduce smoked ribs in a couple of vacuum bags with the other ingredients: olive oil, garlic, fresh thyme and peppercorns. Create a total vacuum with the TekVac vacuum packer. Cook sous-vide at 70ºC, in steam cooking mode (100% steam), for 12 hours in the combi oven MyChef that incorporates the TSC patent for maximum precision in cooking at low temperatures.

Cool rapidly with TekChill blast chiller or ice water.

Finishing and serve

Place the content of the bags in an enamelled oven tray. Regenerate and brown for 10-15 minutes at 220° C with DryOut function (-99% steam) for maximum extraction of moisture and accelerate the gold process.