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Grilled Steak Pizza


Pizza Dough

Italian Pizza Sauce

Steak Pizza Toppings


How to make pizza dough at home

Stir the yeast into 1 cup of water and ½ cup of flour and let the pre-ferment rest while covered for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, mix the rest of the flour with the sugar in a large bowl. Once the pre-ferment has finished resting, add it to the sugar-flour mix. Use dough hooks or your hands to knead the mixture to a nice, smooth dough.

Add the rest of the water working it into the dough as well. As soon as about ¾ of the liquid is incorporated, add the salt and olive oil little by little. It’s important not to add more liquid until the remaining liquid has been completely absorbed by the dough. This way, the pizza dough will end up smooth and not too sticky.

To finish, shape the dough into a sphere, place it in the bowl and cover it with a clean dish towel. Let the homemade dough proof for 2.5-3 hours until it has approximately doubled in volume.

Italian pizza sauce recipe

Dice the onions and fry them with a bit of olive oil in a pan until they are glossy. Then add the diced garlic and toast it lightly without turning it brown. Add the canned tomatoes to the pan. Also add the pizza sauce seasoning: basil, oregano and bay leaves. Let the sauce boil lightly for 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and that’s it!

Preheat the Otto Grill to 1500°F for three minutes. Put the meat on the grate and grill it on each side for a maximum of one minute and thirty seconds. The meat will be grilled again once on the pizza so it should be medium rare. Take off the medium rare steak from the grill and cut it into thin slices.

Making pizza on the grill

Transform your 1500°F Steak Grill into a pizza oven by using Otto’s Pizza Set. Put Otto’s Pizza Stone on the 1500°F Steak Grill and preheat it at maximum temperature for 5 minutes so that the pizza stone reaches a temperature of about 750°F. Avoid heating it up any longer than that because otherwise, you risk heat congestion under the burners. For the Steak Pizza, roll out the dough balls on a well-floured surface until they reach a diameter of about 9.5 inches. Then, pre-bake the homemade pizza base on low heat for about 1 minute without any toppings on your outdoor pizza grill. This way, the crust becomes nice and crispy.

Grill the Steak Pizza

Cover the pre-baked pizza base with the homemade Italian tomato sauce and add the red onion, bell pepper and olives to your liking. If you’d like, you can also cover the pizza with some cheese. However, to really have the full effect of the meat aroma, Otto recommends using little or no cheese.

Distribute the steak slices equally on the grilled pizza and use Otto’s Pizza Peel to slide the pizza back onto the preheated pizza stone. Turn the burner knobs to medium level and bake the Steak Pizza for 1-2 minutes on Meat-o-Meter level 5.