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Grilled lamb shoulder with potatoes, apples and carrots


Cooking Setting:

For lamb shoulder

Mode: Mixed

Temperature: 195ºC

Humidity: 60%

Time: 20 min

For vegetables

Mode: Mixed

Temperature: 220ºC

Humidity: -40%

Time: 15 min


For lamb shoulder

For the roast of the meat, part the soulder blades in two halves for the height of the articulation, place them in an enamelled Gastronorm tray and add salt and pepper. Next put the rosemary on top, spread the shoulders with oil and put the tray in the mychef oven at 195ºC for 20 minutes.

Remember that mychef allows you to program the cooking to facilitate this work.

For vegetables

Cut the onions in julienne. Peel the apples and cut them into 1/8. Do the same with the carrots and cut them into slices. When everything is ready, add these vegetables in the second phase of the cooking program. In this step, the mychef oven will be 220ºC and the humidity of -40%.

At this time, add the brandy and water and close the oven. Once the cooking program is finished, remove the shoulders from the oven and save them.

For the sauce

Remove the vegetables from the tray and crush them with the cooking juices. Remove and pass through a fine sieve (if a smooth texture is desired) or a Chinese sieve (if you want a thicker sauce).