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Grilled crawfish tails!


For the grilled crawfish tail and marinade


Prepare the crawfish tail – defrost it properly

Marinating the crawfish meat

A marinade of melted butter with a fresh component such as lime or lemon tastes amazing on grilled crawfish or crawfish tail. To make it, melt 3.5 tbs of butter and stir in one tbs of lemon or lime juice. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Finely diced garlic is also a nice addition to the marinade, but use it sparingly, or you risk overpowering the flavour of the crawfish itself.

Grilled crawfish: a seafood delicacy

Preheat your Otto Grill onto 1500°F for three minutes and put the Meat-o-Meter on the lowest level. As soon as you put the crawfish tails on the grill rack, keep Otto´s saying in mind: “Never leave your crawfish tails unattended. Grillers will be held responsible for their seafood.” Because in only just under two minutes the grilled crawfish tails are ready to be served.