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Grilled Apple Dessert



Prep apples

Caramelize apple wedges

Melt the butter in a large skillet. Don’t over heat and reduce heat before butter starts to brown. Now add the apple slices in a single layer, sprinkle them with the brown sugar and caramelize – be careful to not burn the sugar. Continue to cook over moderate heat for about 10 Minutes while stirring occasionally, until the apple slices are lightly browned on both sides. Then cover and continue to cook on low heat for about 3 minutes until tender. Take off the lid and increase heat to high. Cook the apple wedges for about 3 minutes until the juices evaporate and the apples are glazed.

reparing the egg crème

Transfer egg yolks and white sugar to a small pot and mix well with Calvados.

Cook on low heat while stirring for about 2 minutes until egg-sugar mix thickens – be careful to not bring to a boil!

Time to fire up your Otto Grill! Pre heat the Otto Grill for 3-4 minutes on max heat! Bring your grate down to Meat-O-Meter level 5 (lowest level). After your Otto has reached 1500 °F degrees, turn heat down to medium. Carefully place your dessert forms with the apple egg crème mix on your grate and into the Otto Grill. Sear for 20-30 seconds until the surface of your grilled apple treat is golden brown. Then turn off the Otto Grill.

Serve your grilled dessert

Take your grilled apple dessert out of the Otto Grill and top off with a serving of vanilla ice cream (or any other flavor of your choice). Serve and enjoy while warm!