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Vacuum packed 'chilindrón' chicken


Cooking Setting:

  • Mode: convection
  • Temperature: 65ºC
  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Humidity: 0%


Cut the chicken into eighths and season it. Coat it with flour and egg and mark it in a frying pan with olive oil. Beat it with the mychill blast chiller and set aside. Cut the onion and pepper into julienne strips, sauté until tender. Add the sliced garlic, sauté a little more and then add the chicken broth. Let it reduce and lower the temperature.

Put the chicken and the sautéed chicken in a cooking bag. Make 100% vacuum with the iSensor vacuum packer and cook it for 1 hour and a half at 65 ºC in the mychef professional combi oven. The result will be able to conserve in a minimum of 14 days. Once cooked, serve immediately or lower the temperature and keep cold.