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Poached Eggs



  1. Set the rear pump flow switch to fully closed. Set the front flow switch to the minimum flow to ensure the delicate proteins in the whites do not separate from agitation. Set the temperature of the Sous Vide Professional™ to 64°C / 147.2°F.
  2. Once target temperature is reached, gently place eggs in circulating water bath. Use a ladle or slotted spoon to gently lower the eggs so they do not crack.
  3. Cook to desired doneness for 45 minutes. Do not hold at temperature for more than 120 minutes.
  4. If plating immediately, gently crack egg onto a paper towel to capture any excess liquid. Gently, roll the egg off of the towel onto a plate.
  5. If serving at a later point, do not crack. Plunge egg into ice bath. Store up to 48 hours under refrigeration. Reheat egg by placing in 60°C / 140°F circulating bath or placing egg into a pot of simmering water for 60 seconds.