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Otto’s Grilled Rainbow Trout



Prepare Rainbow Trout

Trout doesn’t have to be skinned before grilling

Best Fish Seasoning

Otto uses lemon and parsley as the best fish seasoning seasoning. Otto prefers finely minced parsley but you can use whole leaves if you prefer. Then, zest the organic lemons finely. Place the parsley and lemon zest inside the whole fish along with sea salt and ground black pepper. Slice the lemon thinly. Then, halve the slices and put them inside the fish as well.

Fire Up the Otto Grill

Preheat the Otto Grill for two minutes to the lowest temperature. But, take the grid out first, so your trout doesn’t pre-cooked on the hot bars. You don’t need a special fish grill grate, simply oil the grid with a high smoke point oil (refined sunflower or rapeseed oil is well suited) and place the whole fish crosswise on the rack bars. Put the grill grate in the Otto Grill and set the Meat-o-Meter to level 5. The belly of the trout should face the opening of the grill.