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Mini Bacon Bombs



Spice up your ground beef

Mix ground beef and magic dust spice. Mix well to ensure that the beef is spiced consistently to prevent spice lumps.

Prepare Ground Beef Filling

Now to the filling of your bacon bombs. Wash the jalapenos and dice them, cut the cheddar into 2.5 in long and 0.5 in wide strips. Set cheese and jalapenos aside for next step.

Bacon Bomb assembly

Partition your ground beef mix into 6 equally sized portions. Press portions into 0.5 in thick squares (4-4.5 in wide and long). Top up with 2-3 cheddar strips and diced jalapeno. Now role up the bed of beef, cheese and jalapenos and form to a patty. Make sure that the beef forms a tight envelope around the cheese and jalapenos to avoid cheese from oozing out during the grilling process. Now wrap bacon strips around the beef patty. Make sure that the entire patty is covered with bacon.

Pre-heat the Otto Grill

Pre-heat your Otto Grill for at least 3 minutes and bring it to max temperature. Do prevent an uneven cooking process make sure to have the grate out while pre-heating.

Grill Bacon Bombs

Place your bacon bombs on the grate and then put the grate into the Otto Grill. Have Grill on low heat (control know on low flame) and meat-O-meter level 5 for 8 minutes. Flip bacon bombs from time to time to prevent overcooking and burning of the bacon. Make sure to be gentle when flipping to avoid the bacon from unwrapping or filling oozing out.   

Baste Bacon Bombs with BBQ Sauce

Take out the grate with the bacon bombs on it and give each bomb a generous BBQ sauce baste. Put the grate back into the Otto Grill and wait another 1-2 minutes without turning your bombs.

Serve your grilled finger food

As soon as your bacon bombs have reached a core temperature of 160 °F degrees they are done! Take them out of the grill, give them a final baste with the BBQ sauce and let them cool down. Serve and blow everyone away!