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Grilled Octopus


Octopus Legs


Best Way to Grill Octopus

Traditionally, squid legs are pre-cooked in red wine slowly at a low heat before being processed further. But you need a lot of patience, because squid can become tough when cooked with too much heat causing a chewy and rubbery consistency. For this octopus recipe, we decided to use pre-cooked octopus. You will find it in every well-stocked supermarket, mostly in the freezer.

Pre-cooked, octopus is very easy to prepare. Before you grill the tentacles, you can thaw them by running luke-warm water over them and dabbing them dry. With fresh, pre-cooked octopus, you can throw directly on the grill.

Heating up the Otto Grill

Now, preheat your Otto Grill for three minutes. Make sure to take out the grill first so it doesn’t pre-cook the octopus tentacles when placing them there.