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Distilled Habanero



  1. Blend habanero and water on high speed.
  2. Carefully funnel mixture into 3L evaporating flask and clamp to the vapor tube of the rotary vacuum evaporator.
  3. This mixture is extremely dangerous. Use protective eyewear and disposable gloves. Do not inhale.
  4. With the water bath at 45-50°C, and the condenser temperature starting at -12°C, apply full vacuum and rotation. Distill.
  5. DO NOT LET BOIL OVER. “Bumping” will contaminate your glassware and receiving volume. This will require you to start the entire process over.
  6. Remove clamp and receiving flask. Transfer distilled habanero to clean vessel or vacuum seal. Distillate can be refrigerated for 3 weeks or frozen up to one year.
  7. Remove and carefully dispose of concentrated habanero puree. CAUTION: THIS PUREE IS STILL EXTREMELY SPICY. Thoroughly wash all glassware, as habanero distillation tends to leave residual flavors after rinsing.