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Cream of peas, tender garlic and iberian bacon


Cooking Setting:

For the garlics

Mode: steam

Temperature: 75ºC

Humidity: 100%

Time: 14 min

For the cream

Mode: steam

Temperature: 100ºC

Humidity: 100%

Time: 15 min

Mode: mixed

Temperature: 160ºC

Humidity: 35%

Time: 26 min

Mode: convection

Temperature: 175ºC

Humidity: %0

Time: 15 min

For the broth

Mode: steam

Temperature: 85ºC

Humidity: 100%

Time: 180 min


For the tender confit garlics

To get a tender confit garlics full of flavor, we will cook it under vacuum in a liquid medium that in this case will be olive oil. To do this, cut the garlic to the desired size, place it in a vacuum cooking bag and add the oil. Next, use the mychef iSensor vacuum packaging machine in automatic mode to seal the contents. 
Place the bag in the mychef oven in steam mode at 75°C for 14 minutes.

For the vegetables broth

Cut the vegetables into not too small pieces and place them in a vacuum bag suitable for cooking. Add 2 litres of water and fill it with iSensor in automatic mode. Place the bag in the oven, set in steam mode at 85ºC for 3 hours. Once the mychef oven signals the end of the cooking program, strain and reserve the broth. 

For the cream

To make the cream, chop the onion, leek, celery and garlic tender. Also clean the potatoes, peel them and dice them. Once this is done, place all the vegetables in a Gastronorm tray (size 1/1 and 60 mm deep), add the butter and oil and cook in the oven following the cooking steps above. It is in the last cooking cycle, in convection mode, when you can add the vegetable broth and cream. When cooking is complete, mash the entire result and pass it through a chinese sieve to obtain a finer texture.

For the cured iberian bacon

To marinate the Iberian bacon we will also use the iSensor vacuum packing machine. First, make a marinade with salt, sugar and black pepper. For each kilo of bacon we will use 300 grams of salt, 60 grams of sugar and 8 grams of black pepper. Grease the bacon piece with the mixture and vacuum pack it, making 5 repetitions and a vacuum standby of about 15 minutes. Clean the excess salt, dry the bacon and cut it into thin slices. Fry until crispy and reserve the oil.