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Artichoke, octopus, parmentier of black garlic, beef jerky and mango


Cooking Setting:

For artichokes

  • Mode: steam
  • Temperature: 95 ºC
  • Humidity: 100
  • Time: 5 minutes

For the octopus 

  • Mode: steam
  • Temperature: 70 ºC
  • Humidity: 100
  • Time: 7 hours

For the beef jerky

  • Mode: mixed
  • Temperature: 100 ºC
  • Humidity: -100
  • Time: 3 hours


For the artichokes

Peel the artichokes and place them in water with a bunch of parsley. Drain it and place it in vacuum bags with a jet of olive oil and salt. Vacuum pack it with the iSensor vacuum packer and bake it in evolution mychef oven at 95º steam for 5 minutes, remove and cool it quickly. Pass through the grill.

For the parmentier

Peel and cut the potato, sauté in butter with the black garlic and add the cream to cover it, simmer until the potato is soft. Pass through a mixer, strain and rectify with salt and black pepper.

Clean and cut the octopus legs, stretch in a vacuum bag, pack with the iSensor vacuum packer and cook it in the mychef oven in steam mode, at 70º for 7 hours. Remove, cool, cut into cubes, strain and reserve the broth for the plating.

For the beef jerky

Dry in the mychef oven the beef jerky and cut in thick slices to 100º during 3 hours and pass through the mixer until it is powder.

Finally cut the

 ripe mango into cubes and add a pea shoot.