How to



A. Power Button (Power)

 When the machine is connected to power, LED (G) will show OFF, press ON/OFF button, LED (G) will show the preset sealing time (or marinate time) and then the preset vacuum degree. The machine is now ready to work. Press ON/OFF button, the machine will be back to standby mode. LED (G) will show OFF.

B. Start Button (Start)

When the machine is ready to work, press the Start button, the machine will enter into vacuum-sealing mode or vacuum-marinate mode (according to the setting mode).

CSeal Button (Seal)

During the vacuum mode, press the Seal button, stop the vacuum process and enter into sealing mode.

D. Stop Button (Stop)

Press the Stop button, the machine will stop any process which is underway.

E. Set Button (Set)

Press the Set button, choose vacuum-seal mode or vacuum-marinate mode (indicator light will be on accordingly). Press the “▲” “▼” button to adjust the seal time or marinate time (the time will show on the LED).

F. Vacuum Level Button (Vacuum Level)

 Press the Vacuum Level button, choose the vacuum Degree needed (indicator light will be on accordingly, with a unit of inHg). When choosing ADJUSTABLE, press “▲” “▼” button to set any vacuum degree needed (the vacuum degree will show on the LED).

G. LED Display

1. Show the vacuum degree in real time. 2. Show the seal time or marinate time.

H. Adjust button (“▲” “▼”)

 1. Adjust seal time 2. Adjust marinate time 3. Adjust vacuum degree -7-

I. Indicator lights

 I1. Indicate working process  I2. Indicate vacuum degree