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Vacuum sealer intro + V10

How To Vacuum And Seal With Bags

  1. Choose suitable vacuum bag, place item in bag.
  2. Allow at least 4.5cm space after item is put in bag, to ensure better vacuum.
  3. Put the open end of bag across the chamber seal gasket. Please make sure that the open end is within the vacuum chamber.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Press the two ends of the machine lid with some strength, the lid is locked when a sound “da” come out.
  6. Press “Vacuum & Seal” button. The “Vacuum” light will be on.

  **  When using the“Vac & Seal” automatical mode to vacuum the fragile item, it’s easy to break. At this time, please choose “Pulse” manual mode. When using this mode, press the “Pulse” button so that the machine will vacuum. It will stop when you loose your hand and it can repeat for a few times and reach the proper pressure.

  1. Vacuum level sensor knows when it achieves proper vacuum level and will automatically go into seal mode.

  **  Under “Pulse” manual mode, the machine will enter into “seal” mode when pressing the “Seal” button manually.

  1. When in the “Seal” mode, the “Seal” light will be on and the machine begins to seal. The pump stops working, no noise.
  2. When sealing is complete. Lid will raise slightly.
  3. Remove bag and inspect bag and seal.

   (Note: A positive seal will look clear upon inspection.  If the seal is spotty, incomplete, wrinkled, white or milky, remove sealed portion and run vacuum and seal process again.)

  1. Store bag properly. All perishable foods will need to be refrigerated or frozen to prevent spoilage.

Press“Cancel” button to stop the machine’s all working processes. If instant seal is needed, simply press “Seal” button.