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BEFORE FIRST USE Your immersion circulator is easy to set up:

  1. Ensure the impeller and foot are in position.
  2. Turn the foot on the bottom of the immersion circulator foot to the desired positions. The foot of the immersion circulator allows you to easily adjust the direction with which the water circulates.
  3. Fill the vessel with water. This immersion circulator is capable of holding 45 litres of water at a stable temperature in an uninsulated, covered vessel. The depth of the liquid in the cooking vessel should be kept somewhere between the “MAX” and “MIN” liquid level lines indicated on the unit housing
  4. Attach the immersion circulator to the cooking vessel. The mounting clamp provided with the unit will mount it securely to both flat and rounded vessel. The clamp can be used to rotate the unit so that the screen faces in the desired direction.


  • The water level in the cooking vessel will rise as food is added. Be sure to allow for this displacement when placing liquid in the vessel.
  • Please note that the water level might also drop while cooking due to evaporation.