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Spherification Kit

Spherification Kit - Modernist Cuisine


Experience the joy of eating tiny spheres that instantly burst and saturate your palate with fresh, flavorful juice! Transforming a flavorful liquid into a spherified pearl is a hallmark of Modernist cooking, and this kit makes it easy to master the technique.

The Modernist CuisineĀ™ Spherification Kit was developed by Nathan Myhrvold and the team behind the award-winning Modernist Cuisine book series. They applied the same rigor and clear instructions to this kit as they did to their hardcover books, complete with step-by-step photos, scaling percentages, an explanation of the science behind spherification, and troubleshooting tips to guide novices and experienced cooks alike.

The booklet includes a recipe for Concord Grape Caviar (using store-bought fruit juice), along with eight recipe variations and serving suggestions.
The recipe and techniques are suitable for children ages eight and older.

1 Modernist CuisineĀ™ spherification recipe and technique booklet (only available in this kit)
50 g Sodium Alginate
50 g Calcium Chloride
50 g Xanthan Gum
50 g Sodium Citrate
1 Perfect Caviar Maker
1 Stainless Steel Caviar Strainer

Required tools (not included): whisk, immersion blender, digital gram scale capable of 0.1 gram increments

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Demonstration of the Spherification Kit
The Reverse Sphere

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