Service Center


CraftsMan Lite



  • Always turn off and unplug the unit.
  • Internal service work must be performed by certified personnel only.
  • Make sure system is at room temperature.

Check for signs of damage including pulled cord or physical damage to system or heaters. If any signs of physical damage are found, please send back to factory for replacement parts. 


System will not turn on:

Check power plug and breakers.


Low water level alarm:

Add more water – the water level will be dropped during operation by the pump due to water turbulence.


Low water level alarm turns on after a few seconds of operation

Add more water – The pump generates “waves” – sometimes these waves will cause the water level at the sensors to fluctuate up and down. The waves sometimes drop the water level right under the sensor and will cause a low water alarm. This is normal and you just need to add more water.


Temperature read does not match thermometer

Sous Vide circulators are calibrated to a scientific platinum primary standard which is far more accurate than store thermometers. 


Lights in house are slightly flickering when system is on

This is normal as the circulator is modulating power.


Error code EE1 will be appeared in below situation with alarm sound:

  1. No water in tank
  2. Water below minimum level