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Dry Aged Beef is a sales sling. Many butchers have the dry-ripe noble meat on offer. However, absolute precision is required in the production process. Not always easy in the hectic everyday life. With the DRY AGER® tire rack the work is done by itself. Thanks to intelligent technology.

Hanging – Old craft modernized

The hanging of meat for ripening is as old as the butcher’s trade itself. Until the invention of the cooling technology, however, there was a big problem: the observance of a constant room climate. This has changed with cooling technology. Nevertheless, the traditional hanging in the middle of the 20th century was replaced by vacuum maturation. On the one hand, the vacuum process is faster. On the other hand, it was safer at this time. Even the constant temperatures in the cooling chambers could not always stop the dreaded bone rot. This meant high losses. In addition to temperature, humidity also plays an important role. Meanwhile, the technology continues. Special maturation chambers with ventilation systems now provide germ-free ambient air with a humidity of approx. 80%.

Maturing Cabinet – Large technology, small format

For some years, the dry-ripened meat is back on the menus of the top restaurants and steak houses. But even more and more private customers want to eat at the Grillabend Dry Aged Beef. A separate ripening chamber is costly and expensive, especially for smaller butcher companies. It is possible to make your own Dry Aged Beef without having to re-assemble or rebuild it. On a small scale and under computer-controlled conditions the noble meat matures directly in front of the customers’ eyes.

DRY AGER® DX 1000 – Innovative technology Made in Germany

The DRY AGER® DX 1000 needs little space and offers enough room. It is designed for 100 kilograms of meat, which can mature as a whole back or in parts on the grate. The ingenious technology makes exact temperature regulation possible and maintains a constant humidity. The integrated DX AirReg® system ensures that even in the case of major fluctuations in the ambient temperature, the climate in the tire compartment is correct. In addition, the air is continually sterilized. Unlike many import models, the DRY AGER® does not need its own water connection or tank. This also reduces the risk of germs.

Little effort, best result

The DRY AGER® makes the most important work by itself. Nevertheless, there are some rules to consider. Hygiene naturally belongs to the butcher’s trade. Gloves should therefore be worn when hanging out. If the meat is in the fermented cabinet, it has 3-6 weeks time to unfold the coveted taste. A controlling look and a short smell trace show where the meat is in the ripening process. The temperature and air regulation is automatic and can be determined manually at any time. If everything is set, it just has to wait. By the way, the purchase of a DRY AGER® tire cabinet is quickly paid for. With the sale of 2-3 fillings, the device has paid for itself.

A view

Everyone knows the old saying: the eye eats too. The maturing cabinet becomes in the sales area to the best self-promotion. This is how it presents itself. The DRY AGER® combines good looks with a sturdy stature in noble steel design. The glazed doors with UV protection let the customer look through and keep harmful sunlight