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Storing Food Without Electricity

A common question we see on our online advertisements is “but what if the electricity goes out?” 

While it is true that it takes power to run a freeze dryer, once that food is freeze dried it can be stored at room temperatures and requires no electricity. One of the main reasons to own a freeze dryer is for those exact times when you do lose electricity for a long period of time. People use a freeze dryer while they have power to freeze dry fruits, vegetables, milk, and even full meals. They then package the freeze-dried food into Mylar bags and add it to their emergency food supply.  

High winds, snow storms, or hurricanes can often disrupt power. Preparing an emergency food supply allows you to continue to feed your family for days or even weeks, even with no electricity. While the food in your freezer will quickly spoil and rot without electricity, freeze-dried food will be safe. And the best part is the food you preserve in a Harvest Right freeze dryer will actually be food your family likes to eat. There is no need to survive on just rice and beans.  When creating your emergency food supply, just make sure to freeze dry the fruits, vegetables, and meals that your family is use to and enjoys eating. 

While it requires no electricity to store freeze-dried food, you will still want to store the food in a dry and relatively cool place. Also make sure the area is rodent proof. You will also want to make sure to have plenty of water included in your emergency food supply.