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Set and Forget: Overnight Cooking with CVap® Ovens

Overnight cooking. It’s a capability that speaks for itself. Load the oven, clock out, and go home. Things are dialed in and ready for the morning crew.

If you’re using a conventional oven, you’ve got to make darn sure you have the oven set just right, and have your alarm clock set to wake up in time to remove the food as soon as it’s done. Mess up on either, and you could have an overcooked waste of product and time.

But if you’re cooking in a CVap oven, overnight cooking lets you rest easy and get more sleep! CVap technology’s precision, coupled with its ability to hold for hours at an exact doneness level means your perfectly-cooked product will be waiting for you in the morning, ready to be served.

Almost any food can be cooked overnight, but it’s particularly beneficial for meats that improve with low-and-slow cooking, such as brisket, top round, porchetta, corned beef, and veal.

Simply put, the CVap oven’s overnight cook feature saves labor by working even when you’re not. Because it’s set-and-forget simple, it just needs to be loaded, and the cook cycle started. The rest of the night, it continues on autopilot, with no outside input needed.

As with labor, the overnight cook feature saves time by keeping production going through ordinary downtime. It’s a capability that really strikes home with our school nutrition partners, particularly at Thanksgiving. Several professionals, from West Virginia, to Montana, to Kentucky have mentioned how much they appreciate being able have turkeys cooked and ready for their schools’ special holiday meal.

CVap ovens save food in multiple ways. First, of course, is the ability of CVap ovens to maintain food at just-done AND ready-to-serve quality for hours, so nothing goes to waste by overcooking. But CVap also boosts yields. Utilizing its low-and-slow cooking abilities, CVap reduces shrinkage, delivering every possible serving from every cut. And CVap technology can even tenderize traditionally tough cuts, like top round or brisket. Allowing these tough cuts to hold overnight slowly breaks down the meat’s connective tissue, making them cut-with-a-fork tender.

Money…well, saving money in CVap is a no-brainer. By saving labor, time, and food, you can’t help but save money. That’s not taking into account the fact that CVap ovens don’t require vent hoods or permanent plumbing, saving you money on infrastructure and utilities. They don’t require the costly maintenance, calibration, and repairs that come with combi ovens. In so many ways, CVap ovens can swiftly pay for themselves.

So, sleep well tonight, and the next, and the next…with piece of mind that CVap ovens have you covered.