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MultiSteam, the fastest steam generation system on the market

Cooking with a combi steamer has many advantages when it comes to maintaining the quality of the food. Moreover, doing so at low temperatures is a challenge when looking for maximum thermal stability and minimum energy consumption during cooking. For all these reasons, chefs look at several determining aspects when choosing the right machinery for their business. One of them is the time it takes for this equipment to run at full capacity. In order to guarantee the best steam cooking speed, at mychef we have created MultiSteam, the fastest steam generation system on the market integrated in our mychef evolution and mychef concept ovens.

MultiSteam produces dense steam and injects it into the cooking chamber of mychef ovens in record time. While boiler ovens take more than 3 minutes to start generating steam and do so from 100°C, mychef’s MultiSteam system starts generating steam from 45 seconds and temperatures from 30°C onwards, five times earlier than other ovens. MultiSteam is included in the SmartClimaPlus patent, mychef’s set of intelligent systems for measuring and maintaining the optimum humidity level during cooking. Thanks to SmartClimaPlus’ moisture level control and MultiSteam’s speed, a 25% saving in water consumption is achieved with each use.  

But MultiSteam not only gains by its speed, but also because it takes into account the food safety of the steam it generates. Thanks to its union with the UltraVioletSteam patent, before the steam is released into the cooking chamber, it is completely sterilized and free of pathogens even at low temperatures. UltraVioletSteam has been awarded for being a revolution in providing pure, quality steam for the most demanding preparations.  

When we say that our ovens are the world’s best cookers, we do so with the assurance that both mychef evolution and mychef concept have inimitable features designed to make your cooking accurate, at stable temperatures, as quickly as possible and with unparalleled energy efficiency.

MultiSteam, the fastest steam generation system on the market