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DryOut brings crunchy and golden textures to your dishes

Steaming with the mixed ovens mychef, as we have commented in previous post of ‘mychef reasons’, brings many qualities to the dishes. However, there are recipes that require the steam to leave the oven’s cooking chamber in order to be completely prepared. The aim is to give foods a crunchy texture and a golden appearance, as is the case with bakery products or meat roasts; as well as to extract water from the inside to dehydrate them, as is the case with dried fruits. For this purpose, our professional mychef evolution and mychef concept ovens are equipped with DryOut, a technology designed to extract moisture from the cooking chamber and achieve the desired results. 

DryOut is one of three intelligent technological innovations that work together under the SmartClima Plus patentthe most advanced steam generation and management system on the market. Thus, mychef ovens monitor up to ten times per second the humidity conditions in the baking chamber so that they are always the right ones. With MultiSteam and the patented UltraVioletSteam the steam is released in record time and free of pathogens, while thanks to DryOut it is extracted when necessary to achieve the desired results. 

But how can you see first hand the results of the DryOut system? For example, with the MySmartCooking assistant of the intelligent mychef evolution ovens. All you have to do is navigate between the options in the main oven menu to choose the ‘Dehydrate’ food option. Thus, the mychef oven automatically adjusts the necessary cooking parameters according to the time and amount of food introduced. Another way to extract moisture from the cooking chamber is to set the cooking parameters manually in the mixed cooking mode of mychef evolution and mychef concept, so that the moisture percentage is always a negative value

For example, if you want to get the look of roast beef in a few minutes with your mychef oven, thanks to this technology you only need to use a grill tray and program a cooking like the one we have previously explained in which the DryOut system intervenes. The results are spectacular and, in addition, obtained under an incomparable thermal stability. 

At mychef we offer you the wold’s best cooking oven. If you want to know more about DryOut or ask us about our products, do not hesitate to contact us and follow us on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!