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Miss Baker® PRO Color

Mixer Miss Baker® PRO Color


Miss Baker® is the very first bench mixer with double arms to knead small quantities.  Miss Baker kneads between 0,5 to 6 kg of optimal product occupying small space. Miss Baker® are suitable for basic dough for pizzas, bread and focaccia,  short pastry, flaky pastry, and egg pasta.


– The arm movement system consists of two speeds (38 and 52 strokes per minute)

– Despite its small size, Miss Baker® Chef and Chef XL enclose in their frame, entirely in steel, the best technology

– The complete extractability of the kneading arms makes it easy to clean this revolutionary mixer.

– Equipped with a dual-channel emergency stop system (Safety Torque Off)

– Touch-system control panel from which you can manage the machine’s rhythms.

– Board, and high-efficiency induction engine

– It’s perfect for homes, small laboratories, and restaurants.

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Miss Baker® Pro XL Bernardi panettone uvetta cioccolata.
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