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SOC Layout

Kopa Charcoal Oven/Josper SOC Layout


The Kopa Charcoal oven is heated by burning charcoal inside the oven. The working temperature inside the oven is between 250ºC to 350ºC. This temperature is a combination between convection and radiation heat and the food inside the oven is roasted and grilled instead of baked.
• Much faster than an open grill.
• Charcoal consumption is 45% lower than a conventional open grill
• Can roast a 4cm – 350 g steak to medium rare in 4 minutes.

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Kopa Charcoal Oven Presentation
Kopa Charcoal Oven Grilled Short Ribs

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Innovative modern grill for grilling in a vented sealed oven. Delicous primal heat flavors. Juicier meats and perfectly textured seafood. Efficient energy conservation with up to 50% less charcoal use than traditional open grills. Easy heat management for a searing and brasing. Join the charcoal oven revolution.

What is KOPA Charcoal Oven?

Kopa Charcoal Oven is the perfect combination of Grill&Oven.Controlled smouldering of charcoal inside the grill oven prevents flames from breaking out.Which is why the surface of the food isn’t scorched,and the high-quality insulation system allows you to prepare succulent dishes quickly with a unique BBQ aroma.Our products are the end of result of high technological process,with economical energy use and an elegant design at an affordable price.We provide various optional extras to help you adapt your kopa adapt to your demands and combine with other high-end kitchen equipment to form the complete image of a modern kitchen

Our Attibutes

Chacoal grill ovens suitable
for restaurants & bars

Kopa charcoal oven is intended for use in restaurants that want to offer their customers grilled products of highest quality and want to do so as fast and as economically as possible. The speed of the charcoal grill oven will help you turn more tables than before. Customers can now order succulent dishes with an unmistakable charcoal grill oven aroma. You will use very little charcoal and the kitchen will be heated significantly less than with conventional charcoal grills.

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TYPE 400oc
TYPE 500oc

Charcoal Oven Range

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C layout

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Soc layout

SC layout

Our Customer Project

Explore why the top chefs choose our Kopa Charcoal Oven


Korean Style Chiken Sandwiches

Sea bass fillet

Short Ribs





Flat iron steak

OVEN Pork rib


KOPA Grilling Monoblock Kitchen Suites

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