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Dry Aging Bags (ROLL)

Big Meat Set Dry Aging Bags (ROLL) by Dry Ager Germany (Umai Dry Bag)

Dry Aging Bags is a special membrane, not a vacuum bag
Create the rich, nutty flavor and buttery texture of dry aged steak found in prime steakhouses.
This Set can Dry Aged up to 40 KG

See how to use:

PACK Includes:
Enough to dry age 30 – 40 KG Subprimal Ribeye, Striploin or Sirloin cuts
1 Roll Dry Aging Bags 30×300 cm
10 x Vac Mouth
Illustrated Instructions

Purchase whole subprimal ribeye, stripling or sirloin
Seal meat into UMAi Dry® with manual vacuum sealer
Rest on open wire rack in home fridge for good air flow to all sides of meat… and allow time to transform the meat like fine wine!
Dry age 28­-45 days

The Original Slow Food
Dry Aging Bags brings together the best of old world artisan meat tradition with sophisticated modern technology making it easy for you to craft authentic dry aged steak, charcuterie and salumi in the comfort of your own refrigerator.

Dry Aging Bags Features: NO ORDINARY PLASTIC BAG!
Breaths and allows meat to dry age
Protects meat while aging
Prevents exchange of odors
No mess, no mold, no off­-flavors

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