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Retherm Oven Series 5

Cvap Retherm Oven 5 Tray (Series 5)


The CVap® RTV5-05UV Retherm Oven (shown with optional glass door) is one of the most powerful ovens we build. Its versatility rivals combi ovens, but its price tag sure doesn’t. CVap Retherm Ovens don’t require the budget-busting repairs or costly maintenance that combis demand.

CVap Retherm Ovens are great for retherming a lot of food, fast. But they’re also great for scratch or batch, slacked products, veggies, starches – just about anything.

Product Details

RTV7-05UV oven


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รีวิวผลลัพธ์การอบเนื้อ Roast Beef ด้วยเครื่อง CVap
CVap® Staging Explained

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What is CVAP?

It’s simply the most precise commercial kitchen
equipment you can get.
Learn how it can benefit your operation.


Controlled Vapor Technology

Humidfied Precision Cooking & Holding All-Day without moisture lost

> รีวิวผลลัพธ์การอบเนื้อ Roast Beef ด้วยเครื่อง CVap <

> เปรียบเทียบ CVAP ทั้ง 2 รุ่น <


Perfect Doneness

Sous Vide without bags

Minimal Moisture Loss

CVAP use humidified cooking that precisely cook your
food with insanely high yelds.

Uniform Doneness, End to End, Top to Bottom

CVAP controlled Vapor Technology matches the humidity of the oven to the food. The result are the moisture are trapped inside the food making the food moist and unable to escape to the air


Hold & Serve

Hold without water loss

Holding moist food

Holding crisp food

CVAP Controlled Vapor Technology also able to “Hold” food perfectly without overcooking and moisture loss.

Hold food at extact doneness, no overcooking, no moisture loss ALL DAY

CVAP technology is unrivaled when it comes to holding food, the unique humidified heating allows you to hold moist or crisp without losing quality for whole day of operation

Why do chef choose our CVAP

Chef J. Kenji Lopez

“Our sausages go in CVAP at the beginning of service, cook for 45 minutes, and the are held without losing any quality. They don’t overcook, they don’t dry out, they cook very well.”

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Onwer+Chef at Jean-Georhes / Multiple Locations

“The CVap® has become an indispensable tool in my kitchen. Since it allows you to steam foods at even very low temperatures, foods retain all their nutrients and flavors, keeping all those juices indeside. it mokes all difference if you want really moist, flavorful foods. I CVap® every dayfor lunch, veggies, fish, whatever I feel like eating for the day.”

Paul Wahlberg

Chef, Wahlburgers

“So anybody in the restaurant business, anybody who works in a kitchen, I recommend this equipment. When you are thinking about labor, and costs, and all of the different thing that go into it. And then consistency, the consistency of the product. The CVap® takes care of all of that.”

Patrick Roney

Executive Chef at Ashbourne Farms

“It lowers the stress of a kitchen to have CVAP in there. Having that CVAP prepped and full of whatever that cook needs, all of it staged and ready to finish or go right to the plate remove stress from that cook’s scope of responsibility.”

Akhtar Nawab

Owner + Chef at New Orleans’Otra Vez and New York’s Alta Calidad

“The Winston ovens are a great asset to what we are trying to do. It allows us to cook various foodstuff at very low temperature, maximizing yield and flavor. I have found that the more I use the Winston ovens the more versatile they are.”

Neal Fraser

Chef at Redbird

“A CVAP is much more accurate on temperature than a $400 immersion circulator with a heating element stuck in a pot of water. I want to know the food we’re making is safe, and CVAP can be trusted with that.”

CVAP Oven / Holding Oven Model

Retherm Oven
Series 5

Retherm Oven
Series 7

CVap® Hold & Serve Drawer HBB0D1

CVap® Hold & Serve Drawer HBB0D2

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