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Trouble Shooting

Under the proper circumstances, your Vacuum Sealer will give you many top-notch vacuum performances. In some instances, problems may arise. Please consult the trouble shooting menu before calling customer support.


In order to maintain a longer lifetime, we strongly recommend to stop at least 20 seconds between each seal.

The Vacuum Sealer won’t turn on

▪  Ensure that the machine is properly plugged into a grounded outlet.

▪  Check the power cord for tears and frays. Do not use machine if power cord is damaged.

The Vacuum Sealer doesn’t pull a complete vacuum with bags

▪  To vacuum and seal properly, edge of bag must be across the seal bar. Make sure bag is inside the chamber seal gasket and that there are no wrinkles in the bag along the seal bar.

▪  If packaging from a roll bag, make sure first seal is complete and that there are no gaps in either seal.

▪  The Vacuum Sealer and vacuum bag need to be clean, dry and free of debris for the vacuum process to be successful. Wipe surface of seal bar and inside of bag and try again.

Vacuum bag loses vacuum after being sealed

▪  Sharp items can puncture small holes in bags. To prevent this, cover sharp edges with paper towel and vacuum in a new bag.

▪  Some fruits and vegetables can release gases (out-gassing) if not properly blanched or frozen before packaging. Open bag. If you think food spoilage has begun, discard food. If food spoilage has not yet begun, consume immediately. If in doubt, discard food.

The Vacuum Sealer is not vacuuming canisters properly

▪  The accessory hose may not be properly attached. Ensure the hose is completely inserted into the lid of the canister and the accessory port and try again.

▪  Make sure the canister lid is turned to the “Vacuum” setting.

   ▪ Leave adequate head space at the top of the canister.

▪  Make sure there isn’t any damage to the canister and lid. Sometimes hairline cracks can develop in canisters. When this happens the canister is no longer air tight and should be discarded.

   ▪  Twist knob on lid of canister to make sure it is attached securely.

In seldom cases some of the programs may be error and lead to that the machine cannot work well

 ▪  Cut the electricity then re-connect it.