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How to


Chacoal Oven

Starting Kopa


Chimney Assembly

  1. Insert the upper vent (1) into the opening on the top of the oven, with the vent handle on your right-hand side when facing the oven. Make sure that the upper vent slides onto its seat in the oven.
  2. Slide the firebreak (2) onto the upper vent (1) with the wider side facing downward until it comes to a stop.
  3. Put the firebreak hood (3) onto the firebreak (2) with the wider side facing downward onto the fire break so that the wires coming out of the hood slide into the firebreak.


A fire may result if the oven is not properly installed. Follow these instructions carefully and ensure that the required clearances are observed.

FLOOR: the KOPA oven must be installed on a non-combustible floor that extends 1m to the front and 75 cm to each side of the oven door.

SIDES: 45 cm to combustible material.

BACK: 20 cm to combustible material


When the oven is used for the first time, follow the above procedure to start the oven. Load 3kg of charcoal into the oven. Heat the oven to 350ºC, close the lower vent and leave the upper vent completely open. Use cleaning solvent to clean grill racks and put them in the oven when you close the bottom vent. Leave the oven to burn at 350ºC without food for at least 90 minutes.