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A high quality dry aging fridge like the DRY AGER® costs money. But the investment is worth it – and not only for butchers and the catering trade. Even private meat lovers will soon notice that the monetary investment pays off, because the value of the meat increases significantly as a result of dry aging.

Noble meat, high prices

Dry-aged meat is tastier, more aromatic and usually more tender than vacuum-aged meat. This is what makes Dry-Aged-Beef so special and popular in good professional kitchens, but also in private gourmet households. Demand is, therefore, growing steadily. What the customer quickly notices, however, is that the high quality meat also has a high quality price. Dry-Aged Beef costs up to three times as much as conventionally aged meat and, depending on the type of meat and aging technique, can sometimes reach three digit price per kilo. The reasons for this are the higher workload, the generally better meat source, reduced weight loss and thinner outer crust.

A dry aging fridge pays off

An advantage of dry aging yourself is the control over the final result. The self  selected aging time allows the taste and consistency to be optimised and adapted to one’s own liking. Fresh meat is used for dry aging. This costs only a fraction of the price per kilo of Dry-Aged-Beef in the retail or wholesale trade. For butchers and restaurants, the costs of aging dry-aged beef are reduced enormously. This increases the profit margin and can also be passed on to customers. So also less well-to-do buyers can afford a good dry aged steak.

The economical dry aging fridge

The DRY AGER® is a Swabian product and as such quality and economy are of paramount importance. The weight loss when dry aged beef is conventionally matured on the bone, for four to six weeks, is up to 30%. The DRY AGER® is more economical here. Thanks to ingenious technology, weight loss on the bone (entire back) is only about 7-8% after four weeks of maturing and only about 12% after six weeks.

A bill that works

The dry aging fridge saves good money for professional companies and private meat lovers. For the latter, the ingenious DRY AGER® technology is also available in a smaller unit. The DRY AGER DX 500 dry aging fridge has a capacity of 20 kilograms of meat and fits into any kitchen. Of course, it is also cheaper to buy than the large DRY AGER DX 1000 dry aging fridge, which has a capacity of 100 kilograms. So there is something for everyone and every budget. Whether large or small, the bill always works. During operational use, the dry aging fridge pays for itself after only two full hanging cycles. Private users will also notice that the purchase price pays off after just a few aging rounds. The excellent design fits perfectly into various private kitchens, guest houses or shop fittings.

The dry aging fridge – a multi talent

The DRY AGER® can also be used perfectly for wine or champagne, as it can heat up to +25°C or cool down to 0°C. The dry aging fridge is also suitable for the production of ham and salami or the storage and air conditioning of cheese and cigars. Thanks to active disinfection and controllable humidity, fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer – this is called multi-purpose.