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CVap® Holding Drawers Are Extremely Versatile

CVap Holding Drawers and servers control food temperature and texture. You have the flexibility to hold moist or crisp, whichever suits your needs. The holding drawers’ design boosts temp recovery, even with frequent openings. They’re ideal for kiosks, QSRs, or any operation where space is limited, but food quality is still a priority.

How are Holding Drawers Used

  • Prep and line cooks use warming drawers to reduce labor and cook times.
  • Front-of-the-house staff use warming drawers for quick access to appetizers and sides, such as tortilla chips and bread.
  • Caterers use warming drawers to hold cooked food for transport.
  • Holding anything you want to keep moist or crisp.

Warming drawers can hold soups or beverages.