Advance Gelato Batch Freezer – รุ่น Maestro**** HE




• The most advanced technology for Gelato making “Hard-o-Tronic ® & Hard-o-Dynamic ®” which Intelligently detect Gelato consistency and Automatically recognize type and quantity of mix. To produce the highest quality Gelato

• 44 complete gelato and pastry processes to make a wide variety of excellent specialties

• Hourly Production: min. 30 – max. 114 kg

• LCD screen consistently displays the values of the programmed consistency and the gelato in the batch freezer.

• Beater without central shaft and with POM blades for the total extraction of the gelato.

• Self-regulating scraper blades for constantly cleaning the cylinder and maximizing yield.

• Post-cooling: activation of cold temperatures during extraction to maintain the consistency of the gelato.

• Carpigiani’s High Efficiency technology allows a reduction in production time and the consumption of electricity and water up to 30% compared to Carpigiani batch freezers of previous generations (30% compared to RTX models).