Immersed: The definitive guide to sous vide cooking

Immersed: The definitive guide to sous vide cooking หนังสือ Sous Vide


“Immersed: The Definitive Guide to Sous Vide Cooking” has been written in collaboration with many of the world’s top culinary stars to help both professional chefs and home cooks fully utilize the Sous Vide cooking method. The book provides easy to understand overviews of all key aspects of Sous Vide cooking including safety, equipment options and best practices. Also included are 65 recipes chosen to provide a base for further culinary exploration.

The author, Philip Preston, is a cutting-edge innovator that has had a leading role in growing the Sous Vide technique from a narrow niche to a concept widely adopted by many of they world’s leading chefs. His goal is to help more chefs, and ultimately, home cooks better understand Sous Vide cooking to take control of their kitchens.

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