PrO-Xtract Ambient Centrifuge 2 Litre – CENTURION

PrO-Xtract Ambient Centrifuge 2 Litre - CENTURION


Renowned chef Chris Holland has used the PrO-Xtract centrifuge to make a sweet and consistent carrot butter.

Centrifuges are ideal for extracting fat from all types of vegetables and nuts.

A perfect smooth soup or sauce can be made with strainers or filters, but the advantages of pouring a mixture into a bottle and simply pressing the “start” button are unparalleled.

Make room in your kitchen for the Centurion PrO-Xtract: an innovative solution for an innovative kitchen.

  • Designed with the contribution of outstanding Chefs.

  • With everything you need to perfect your recipes.

  • Rotor available for all models.

  • Design, technology, reliable and at a good price.

  • Capacity 1 and 3 liters.

  • Refrigerated centrifuges available.

  • 3 years of warranty guaranteeing its reliability and quality.

General specifications:

  • Extra thick stainless steel container.

  • Safety valve.

  • Industrial Inverter regulation system.

  • European quality brushless motor.

  • Air flow control.

  • Access sections to all safety parameters.

Specifications for use:

  • Blue LED display.

  • Rotor recognition.

  • 10 speed levels.

  • 10 memory codes.

  • Timer up to 99 minutes and pause up to 30 seconds.

  • Short cycle button.

  • Centrifugation speed in 10 Rpm intervals.

  • Acceleration orientation sound.

Safety and security:

  • Multiple security lock.

  • Safety valve.

  • Gas shock absorber.

  • Valve closure detector.

  • Balance detection.

  • Speed sensor.

  • Inverter system set.

  • Protective ring.

  • Motor temperature sensor.

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