Gelato Combo Machine – รุ่น Ready 6/9




Combo is a Pasteurizer + Batch Freezer in one machine. Allow you to prepare the Gelato mixes during the operating hours and churn out new Gelato in just one single machine. True value machine for Gelateria.

Hourly Production: Min. 6 – Max 9 kg

• Six automatic programs: two to produce delicious milk- based gelato and fresh fruit sorbets; one to produce perfect fruit slushes; two to produce a special milk- or fruit- based CRYSTAL gelato; one to produce Ice Cream* with the special beater (*3E beater optional. Also available as a spare part).

• Three automatic programs: one to pasteurize the mix and turn it into gelato; one to pasteurize, age, and then turn it into gelato; one to heat and cool the mix and then turn it into gelato.

• Hard-O-Tronic®: This is the exclusive system for an excellent gelato. The LCD screen constantly displays the values of the programmed consistency and that of the gelato in the batch freezer. By pressing on the arrows you can always change it, to obtain your own ideal gelato.

• POM Beater: The beater has no central shaft. Its POM blades – impenetrable by the cold – facilitate the complete extraction of the gelato every time. Sturdy yet light, it has self-adjusting scraper blades to maintain the cylinder clean and efficient.

• Post Cooling: To maintain the consistency of the gelato during extraction, the post cooling function injects cold into the gelato as it comes out of the cylinder.