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Rowzer Plus

Taurus Rowzer ขั้นตอนทำความสะอาดอุปกรณ์ด้วย Cleaning Function


  • Disconnect the appliance from the mains and allow it to cool before undertaking any cleaning task.
  • Clean the equipment with a damp cloth with a few drops of washing-up liquid and then dry.
  • Do not use solvents, or products with an acid or base pH such as bleach, or abrasive products, for cleaning the appliance.
  • Do not let water or any other liquid get into the air vents to avoid damage to the inner parts of the appliance.
  • Never submerge the appliance in water or any other liquid or place it under running water.
  • Must not be cleaned using jets of water.
  • During the cleaning process, take special care with the blades, as they are very sharp.
  • It is advisable to clean the appliance regularly and remove any food remains.
  • If the appliance is not in good condition of cleanliness, its surface may degrade and inexorably affect the duration of the appliance’s useful life and could become unsafe to use.
  • The following pieces may be washed in a dishwasher (using a soft cleaning program)



  • This machine has an active carbonium filter in its air inlet.
  • It is used to purify the air injected into the frozen food by eliminating oil vapours, flavours and odours.
  • To change the filter, open the back of the machine, remove the used filter and fit the new one.
  • We recommend changing the filter every 4 or 6 months