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Charcoal Oven

Maintenance and cleaning


Keep the inside of the door and door frame clean to remain tight fitting. Be especially careful to remove all charcoal dust from the bottom part of the door and keep the door frame clean, as the dirt in here usually causes a bad fit and thus escaping fumes. A tight-fitting door prevents the escape of heat through the door and prevents excessive consumption of charcoal.



 The charcoal grate on the bottom of the oven where the charcoal is burned should be taken out every month and cleaned with a metal brush. The charcoal grate will slowly burn out and needs to be replaced every 6–12 months or sooner depending on the temperatures used and overall usage of the oven.



 The fire break should be cleaned twice a month. Hit the firebreak with a wooden spoon to shake loose the residues. Turn the firebreak in several directions as you hit it and then shake out the loose soot.



Check the ash drawer at least once a day to see if it needs to be emptied. Empty the ash drawer only when the oven has cooled down. Remove the ash drawer carefully by pulling it out, and transfer the ash from the drawer to the fire-proof ash container using a non-combustible shovel . Place the ash container on a non-combustible surface. Clean the ash drawer with a brush and slide it back into the oven. Wait until all the cinders have thoroughly cooled down and dispose of them accordingly.