The conveyor oven with the best
baking quality in the world.

SerieS Range

Perfect baking at very high speed

with the greatest energy saving: -30%.

High quality with impingement technology

serieT embodies the essence of performance:
the solution with hot air jets studied for high production rhythm performing the most advanced efficiency.

Ideal for any kind of product:

Pizza, bakery, pastry and gastronomy

Bake different.

Easy management

Set temperature and programs, place the product on the belt and let the conveyor oven bake for you.
Recommended for restaurants, pizza chains and bakeries the remote management allows setting baking programs in all locations! Even unskilled staff can always bake high-quality products easily.

Production rate

Baking one product after another is possible!
serieT is ready to bake in a short time, making baking performance fast and always perfect.
Ideal for satisfying the high production rhythm of pizza and restaurant chains.
Bake more, bake faster!

Limitless baking

Hi-tech and versatile, unique.

Shape your baking:

Bake like never before

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