Fire Place

Customize your grill space
Kopa Fire Place

Customize your grill space

Kopa FirePlace is a flexible semi modular fire grilling station,

For anyone who values pristine flavour  of food cooked over wood fire.

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What is KOPA Fireplace

Kopa Fireplace is a uniques modular system for cooking with wood fire.It consists of many different cooking devices that can be
arranged across the fireplace according to your need and cooking styles 

With intelligent Fireplace design you can hang meats or vegetables from the ceiling for slow cooking and use every cubic inch of
your Fireplace Adaptive surfaces of our cooking units let you use different cooking zones and cooking temperatures at the same
time. Cooking with fire is a great way to attract customers that are bored with uniformed kitchens that use same equipment with
same results all over the world.

Customize your grill space

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KOPA Grilling Monoblock Kitchen Suites

Kopa Fireplace Grill

Fireplace Grill

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