How to


Smoking gun Pro

Introduction and Operating Instruction


  1. A. Variable speed & on/off dial Variable speed for ignition and slow burn.
  2. B. Hex key
  3. C. Set screw
  4. D. Removable mesh filter Push out with finger to replace.
  5. E. Removable burn chamber Easy to tap out ash at the end of burn cycle.
  6. F. Silicone hose
  7. G. Barrel
  8. H. Removable metal fan
  9. I. Removable O-ring
  10. J. Robust housing Integrated base provides stable secure platform.
  11. K. Connection Nozzle
  12. L. Smoking nozzle


1 .Align the two lugs on the rear face of the barrel with the two recesses on the inner edge of the front face of the housing and push together, rotating clockwise until small click and the large hole in the barrel is pointing directly upwards.

2. Ensure that a mesh filter is in the burn chamber. If no mesh filter is present, insert a mesh screen into the top of the burn chamber and press down with a finger to seat into the bottom of the burn chamber.

3. Ensure the spring is seated in the groove on the outer cylindrical face of the burn chamber.

4. Assemble the burn chamber into the open recess in the top of the barrel on the main unit. Push down until the spring provides a small click or the burn chamber is seated low in the barrel with no gaps around the perimeter.

5. Retrieve the silicon hose with 2 rigid fittings, insert the connection nozzle into the circular hole in the front face and press firmly to secure the hose.