Kopa Robata Grill 120ST

เตา Kopa Robata Grill 120ST


A mobile version on a stand with a basting station consisting of two side tables and a front table. Front table features a cutout that can be equipped with GN containers and working surface. Stand features one shelf and sturdy casters. It can be used within a kitchen or on a terrace. Perfect for barbeque days on a terrace.

With multiple level frame and a housing with colored decorative panels. Air circulation within the housing to prevent excessive heat up of the outside surfaces.

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Picanha on Robata

Robata Grill

Japanese style muti-level charcoal grill
Kopa Robata grill

Japanese style muti-level charcoal gril

Kopa Robata is a versatile charcoal grill with multi-level / multi-zone grilling capabilites. Stable temperature, consistent grilling results, and long life are just some of attributes of this outstanding grill.

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What is KOPA Robota Grill

Robata is a long-standing Japanese grilling tradition.The origins go back to ancient fishermen in northern Japan who took boxes of ho coals with them on their boats to heat and grill the fish they caught. Modern Robata is a type of charcoal grill modeled after those coals boxes.In Japanese and Asian kitchens Robata grills are mostly used to grill in front of guests. The versatility of the Robata grill makes it very suitable for all kinds of cuisines and all kinds of grilled dishes. The Layout of the Robata grill allows for many different heat zones that can be used for grilling or heating of food.

Type R120D
Type R120T
Type R120TT
Type R120S
Type R120ST

Our Customer Project

Our Customer


Okonomiyaki Burger on KOPA Robata


BBQ_Salad on KOPA Robata


KOPA Grilling Monoblock Kitchen Suites

Kopa Robata Grill Model

Kopa Robata Grill 120D

Kopa Robata Grill 120T

Kopa Robata Grill 120TT

Kopa Robata Grill 120S

Kopa Robata Grill 120ST

Kopa Robata Grill 120D

Kopa Robata Grill 120T

Kopa Robata Grill 120TT

Kopa Robata Grill 120S

Kopa Robata Grill 120ST

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