Gelato Pasteurizer – รุ่น Pastomaster 120 HE




The Unique “Adaptive Exchange Pump” only in Carpigiani’s Pasteurizer produce a super fine micronization of fat globules in Gelato mixes to 2-5 microns, result is a creamy gelato like never before.

• GELATO AND YOGURT MIXES: 9 basic programs to produce all kinds of basic and complete gelato mixes and yogurt

• SAUCES *Pastomaster 60 HE models only: Programs to produce 7 sauces that together with the base mixes can be used to quickly produce classic gelato flavors

• SPECIALTIES *Pastomaster 60 HE models only: Programs to produce 6 artisanal specialties to offer in your gelato shop

• FREE PROGRAMS: There are 5 free programs so that the gelato artisan can personalize and memorize proprietary pasteurization cycles.

• CHEESE: 8 programs to produce: Ricotta cheese, Robiola cheese, Soft cheese, Hard cheese, Special cheese, Cooked whey, Bulk starters, Whey starters

• MILK: Programs to produce Heat treatment, Scheduled heat treatment, Low milk pasteurization, High milk pasteurization

• The machine includes a recipe book with detailed recipes and information on ingredients that can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code on the front of the machine.